Thursday, November 5, 2015

Homework 8

1)The Tetrad


Our story is going to be based off of Aztec mythology. The Aztecs are invading a small village which causes the main character to evade them by boat. In his trials to evade they wreck the boat and he alone is washed up on a island. Now, he needs explore the island and climb a mountain to find the answers about his past.


We are using Unreal Engine to create our game which is a powerful tool to develop games nowadays. We are also using Blender, which is another powerful tool, to make animations and create the objects that we are going to use in our game. Finally, Audacity is another tool that we are using for our game, to compose the sounds of the environments. 

1.3 ART

Our game is settle in an island. We will have three different levels and each level will have a different environment to show to the player. Our three levels are composed by beach, jungle and lava. Our art will focus on the nature of the island, so basically we will work with sand texture, trees, lava, grass, and very primitive clothes to our character. All of the environment will look primitive.


The main mechanics of the game will be a system where you can gather items and use them. There will be items placed throughout the map that will be essential to keep moving forward. Another important mechanic will be the health of the character because this is a survival game.The tool of gathering is something of extreme importance when someone is stranded on an island. Also we will have one general tool that can be picked up and used to fight against the enemies. There will also be one general enemy that will be put there to understand fighting and gathering on a simple level.

2) Balance

We are trying to build a well-balanced game. To accomplish this goal we decided to implement the system that will work with the health and stamina of the character. This two main energies will be affected by the decisions of the player, for example, when to run or walk, because if you run your stamina will decrease fast and you will not be able to run for a period of time if it goes to zero. Also, we are working in the attack mechanics and the enemy’s power too to balance it in a way that is challenging for the player.

3) Emergent properties

I think that our main emergent properties will be related to our health system, because every decision of the player will have an impact in his energy. We are also working in different kind of weapons to give options to the player choose when going on in a battle.

4) Interest curves

It is difficult to analyze this specific topic because I know all the story of the game and it will not cause me any surprise due to the fact that I am helping to create the game. However, the way that we choose to build the story is based on the concept of interest curves. The game will begin with little information for the player about what happened before he got to the island. As the story goes and the player advance in scenario we planned to introduce small pieces of answers to build the past of the character, inform the player and keep him interested to continue playing the game. At the end of the game, the player will find all answers and the story will be completed. Hence, we expect to have an epic final for the game and build this feeling into the player.

5) Why I liked our game

I liked our proposal to make a survival game. I have never played a game like the one that we are planning so I am enjoying this new universe that I did not know about. Also, there isn’t a lot of games in the market with this theme and it could bring the attention of the public.

Next week I will be looking for more assets to our game. Also, I will work on the game document, to clean it up and revise.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Homework 7 - Github repository

This is the link for my branch in our online repository. I upload some audio files to our repository and made a commitment about it.

Here is the link:

This week I finished some audios for our game that we are going to use to simulate a more realist environment in the game. For the next week I will continuing working in the audio files, also I will look for some tutorials to help me animate some animals for the game using blender.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Homework 6

Assassins Creed – the series

1 ) The Tetrad 

1.1 Mechanics

The mechanics of Assassins creed are very different from other games. The series is famous for using stealth and strategy with parkour. So, basically you can climb any building in the game, and you can use it to make surprising attacks or to run from enemies. Also, stealth is very important in this game. If you are detected by your enemies, it is harder to accomplish your goals and in some missions you can fail if you were detected. Finally, strategy is another important point. The player has several options to accomplish a mission and it is up to the player decide which one he wants to use. You can adopt a more stealthy or aggressive style of play. Each player can choose the style of playing that fits to him. However, in some missions the player is obligated to fulfill the mission in a particular way.

1.2 Story

The Assassin's Creed games primarily revolves around the rivalry between two ancient secret societies: the Assassins and the Knights Templar. The game is settle in our period of time, the 21 century, but, you spend most time of the game playing in historical periods of time. This is possible because the megacorporation Abstergo industries, the modern-day face of the knights Templar, created a machine called “animus” that can make the main character relive the memories of his ancestors. The main character of the game is called Desmond and he is descent of the assassin’s society. He was kidnapped by Abstergo industries, so they can make him use the machine to relive memories from his ancestors.

1.3 Aesthetics

The aesthetics of this game are so well build that sometimes you can believe that the two secret societies existed. The way that this series mixed real facts of the history with the fiction of the game, created a very powerful aesthetics, and you can confirm it by the success of this series in the game market. Also, the details that the historical periods were represented, like the buildings, the cloths, the weapons, were very concise with the story of the game and the real history.

1.4 Technology

The technology of the game is another point that support the aesthetics. The game floats in two periods of time. Our time and a historical time, when you are using the animus machine. Each period of time are very different from each other, and the technology helps to make the distinction between the ages. For example, if you are playing in the historical period you will have to use knifes, swords, very primitive guns, and stuff like that, because these were the technology of the period. So, all the Tetrad is very concise and well-built with the story of the game.

2) Balance

The game is very well balanced. As I mentioned in the mechanics, there is several ways of doing a mission, and each way causes a different reaction in the game. For example, for some missions, it will be better to use the stealth instead of being discovered and try to kill all the enemies. You can use either way, but if you choose to be discovered and kill all the enemies, the mission will be much harder, than if you tried to do it using stealth.

3) Emergent Properties

There are a bunch of emergent properties in this game. Each action that you choose will have influence in the playability and this covers since each weapon to use, or each way to choose. Also, this actions have influence in the balance of the game too, because depending of your choice, your experience could be harder or easier, and this is something that you learn while you are playing the game. Moreover, I think that it makes the game adaptable to each different player, and this is something good because you can expand your game to more different styles of players.

4) Interest curves

I will talk about my experience playing this series. I started to play the third game of the series called Brotherhood, so I didn’t know the story from the first games. But when I finished the game, I became a fan. They finished with an epic climax, and also letting in the air clues about the next game. I remember being very excited to play the next game. Also, some moments after finishing the game I went to Google to search more about this series and discover more about the story. So, I am pretty sure that this game follow the concept of the interest curves, and I think that my experience is a real proof of it.

5) Why I liked this game

Assassin’s creed – Brotherhood was the first game of this series that I played and I loved it. I remember that I was fascinated with the story of the game and how UbiSoft mixed fantasy with real history. The fact that I really enjoy studying history helped to get in love with this series. Also, I enjoy the mechanics of the game. The fact that you can accomplish the same mission in different ways is another point that I admire in this kind of game.  Moreover, I am a huge fan of open world games and adventure too. So this series have a lot of components together that I enjoy in games and that is why I really like this whole series.

Mass Effect – The series

1) The Tetrad

1.1 Mechanics

Mass effect is a shooter game. You have the basics mechanics of a shooter game, but they also implemented a system of progression of the characters. So it is a mixed between shooter and RPG game. As you advance in the game, characters will gain experience points which can be used to increase the damage of weapons or the life of the characters. It is up to the player define which attributes are better to increase according to his strategy of playing. Also, you play with a team. You control the main character and the PC control the order two members of your team, but you, as the leader of the group, could give instructions to your team, like where to stay in combat, or which enemies to attack. As you can see, you have strategy as part of the mechanics too.

1.2 Story

This series is a science fiction series. So the game is set in the future in which the galaxy is populated by several different species throughout its vastness. The galactic community partitioned the Milky Way into 5 different sectors, known as the Terminus Systems, the Attican Traverse, Inner and Outer Council Space, and Alliance Space. Earth is a significant setting particularly in the third installment, and another highly culminating setting is the space station known as the Citadel. The game focuses on the protagonist, Commander Shepard, and his or her quest to stop the rogue Spectre Saren Arterius from leading an army of sentient machines, called the Geth, to conquer the galaxy. During pursuit of Saren, Shepard learns of a far greater threat in the form of the Reapers. Saren has been mentally enslaved by the Reaper vanguard Sovereign, and sent into Citadel Space to initiate the purge of all advanced sentient life in the galaxy, a cycle repeated by the Reapers every 50,000 years.

1.3 Aesthetics

This is another game that have a well-built aesthetics to support the story. Because this game is set in the future, the player has access to future guns, spaceships (to travel around the universe), special powers (each specie has a special power), etc. BioWare, which is the company that developed this series, created a bunch of species to dwell the galaxy and to support the story. When I played this game, I was very impressed with the quality of the details that it has.

1.4 Technology

As mentioned before, this series is set in the future of our history. So, the technology chose to this game was based in science fiction. You live in an era where travel to a planet to other is quickly as travelling to a city to another in earth. Also, you have the interaction between humans and a bunch of other species that dwell our galaxy. Because it is a science fiction series, the developers had a lot of freedom to create the universe of the game. The species are one example of this freedom. You have the Asari, Drell, Elcor, Hanar, Humans, Keepers, Salarians, Turians and Volus. All them are different and have special abilities. Also, you have a lot of weapons too and you can increase the damage that your character do with each type of weapon when you earn experience points.

2) Balance

The game is well balanced and you can noticed this in the weapons and the characters too. Each weapon does a different percent of damage. Weapons that does more damage has less bullets. Another example are the races. Each race has a special power or ability in the game, and this helps to give balance when you play and also forces the player to construct a strategy while his is playing the game, because some weapons can do more or less damage in specific races.

3) Emergent properties

I think that this series does not have so many emergent properties such as Assassins Creed. However, the player still have a lot of options to choose, and this choices have a direct impact in the story of the game. You have control of the dialogues of the game, so you can influence the story directly when you choose one answer or another. Thus, you have a lot of options regarding weapons and this game use a system of cooperation, with one main character and two other helping him. So, the way that you equip and choose your team can make it stronger or weaker depending on the situation.

4) Interest curves

I think that this series approach well this concept. I played the three games that were launched for this series and each of them had an epic final. Moreover, there was a lot of events that happened during the three games that are unexpected, like an important character dying. Thus, I really think that this kind of events helps the game to be more realistic, like the real life, because in real life, a lot of things that you don’t like happens and you have to deal with it, such as in this game.

5) Why I liked this game or like less

I am not a huge fan of shooter games, but Mass Effect really catch my attention. The mixed between shooter game with RPG elements, strategy and also a very good story make me a huge fan of this series. Now, analyzing it in the view of game design, I can appreciate even more this games, because now, I know a little bit about the concepts of creating a game and the challenges that it involves.

Contributions to team's game

Last week I finished the animation attack for our character and now it is already implemented in our game. This week I started to work in the sounds that we will use in our game in the different environments that we have, like beach, jungle and lava level. So I just downloaded a lot of sounds and started to merge them in Audacity to make it useful to our game.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Group homework - Video about the game.

This is the video about our survival game. In this video you can have an overview of the game aspects and some basic ideas that are being developed.

Here is the link for the video:

Monday, October 5, 2015

Homework 5 - A blueprint for the game

I created this blueprint called "SpecialItem_BP" for our game. It is composed by a static mesh, which I added a ring mesh to it, and a collision box. So, my objective was to create an object that floats in the air and rotate in the Z axis. Also, I added a counter to it. So every time that you pickup a ring it will add one in the counter and we will use this counter in our inventory system for this item and other ones.

Here you have a screen-shot of the blueprint:

I created a function to rotate the ring and I linked it with the Event Tick, so the object will rotate indefinitely. Thus, I modified the "delta rotation" in the Z axis to 5.0. So, it will rotate with this velocity.

I also add an event "OnComponentBeginOverlap" to make the interaction between the character and object (ring). I created a variable "counter" in the main character blueprint, to store the value of the counter. After that, I linked a cast to the event "OnComponentBeginOverlap" and I linked it to a function "toggle visibility" to capture the object when you get close. Finally, I just made the counter be incremented by one and I printed the value on the screen, so we can see that the counter is being incremented.

Here are some screen-shots of the game working.

I add a lot of the objects into the game to see how it works and to test the counter. You can see that the rings are rotating in the Z axis as expected.

Here you can the see the counter being incremented when the character pickup a ring.

So, we can use this blueprint with different kinds of objects. We just need to change the mesh, to have a other type of special item to our game.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Attack Animation - Goals of the week

Last week I stated working on the Attack Animation for our survival game and this week I could finally improve the animation to something more realistic. You can have a look on it in the video bellow. Last week the animation was very slowly and it just had arm movements. Now, I it has more movements including both arms and chest. So, it is more realistic now.

Here is the video that I recorded on Unreal.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Magic Ring - Class Game Asset

This is a ring that I find at BlendeSwap website and I think that we can use it as a magic item in the game. For example, when the character wear this ring it could give him some magic power or it can rise his power, or life. We have a lot of options for how to use it. So, I think that this ring will be helpful for the game.

Here is the link for the asset:

Here is a screen shot that I took from the object in the unreal engine.